Jeffrey Roma: 20 amazing years!

We want to congratulate Jeffrey Roma on his 20 year anniversary as a stylist! Way to go Jeff! We are so proud to have you on our team!

Jeffrey RomaJEFF’S JOURNEY: “21 years ago I embarked on a career changing journey. I started cosmetology school, On August 28Th 1994 I graduated from ‘Continental School of Beauty’ in Olean NY.

Not knowing where this new experience would take me, I set out on a path of exploration. Seventeen years ago I moved to Charlotte to further advance my new found passion. It has been a journey of learning, growing and making mistakes along the way. I have worked with and been inspired by many, many talented people in the business.

Thirteen years ago I set out on another career changing experience , I attended the American Crew ‘Menswork Academy.’

American Crew truly brought out the passion in me, and helped to hone my skills in the art of cutting men’s hair. I was so impressed with the level of dedication and the technical approach to the men’s grooming industry, I became an Educator for American Crew.

Still to this day I work behind the chair cutting men’s hair at Rain Salon, along with traveling for American Crew sharing and teaching.

10 years ago I thought I knew enough, ten years later, I realized how little I knew. I hope this happens every 10 years.” ~ Jeff

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